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At YS Canadian Laser, all our treatments are administered with the highest level of professionalism by our fully trained and registered practitioners. Our Facility offers cutting edge technological advancements in medicine that will offer solutions to your aesthetic needs.  

YS Canadian Laser use innovative product line, laser and light-based treatment systems of Sharplight with wide range of in-demand treatments..  

100% natural
Medical Aesthetician
& Nurses
Special offers
Laser treatments
Chemical Peels/Dermaplaning
Meso Therapy/Dermaroller/Microneedling
Other Services
Original Prices


from $70


  • Hydrafacial $70
  • Microdermabrasion $60 / with extraction $80
  • 30Percent Glycolic $60
  • 70Percent Glycolic $90
  • Fusion Peel $90
  • 70%AHA and Vitamin C $70
  • Lactic $70
  • Jessner peel $100
  • Dermaplaning $100
  • 50% glycolic peel $80
  • Microneedling $120 face, $150-$300 body
  • Green Peel Classic $220(face), $250(back or chest)
  • Green Peel Fresh up $120
  • Green Peel Energy $110
  • PRX-T Biorevitalization peel $160
  • Eyebrow Powder/Shading Semi Permanent Tatt0o $250
  • TCA Peel $150 per session, package of 6 sessions $500
  • anti-ageing facial with facial massage 1.5 hours $100

Skin rejuvenation

from $80

  • IPL/Textural/Pigmentation/Vascular – One Treatment $80
  • IPL/Textural/Pigmentation/Vascular – a package of 3 sessions $200
  • IPL/Textural/Pigmentation/Vascular – a package of 6 sessions $380

Radio Frequency (skin tightening)

from $425 per package

Face Chin

  • a package of 10 sessions $425

Face ( chin & neck)

  • a pac age of 10 sessions $595

Half arms

  • a package of 10 sessions $595


  • a package of 10 sessions $1000

Full legs

  • a package of 10 sessions $1700

Upper legs

  • a package of 10 sessions $850

Lower legs

  • a package of 10 sessions $595


  • a package of 10 sessions $700


  • a package of 10 sessions $600

Skin tags removal (removal with advanced electrolysis)

from $6

  • Small skin tag $6
  • Medium skin tag $8
  • Large skin tag $15
  • Extra large skin tag $25

Dark spots removal (removal with advanced electrolysis)

from $6

      • Small dark spot $6
      • Medium dark spot $8
      • Large dark spot $ 15
      • Brown Spot $6
      • Freckles Removal $6


from $220

One syringe or one cocktail is $220-$250 (might be enough for 2 sessions). A course of 5 sessions $500


Facial Packages

from $400

  • Facial Package Extraction + Microdermabrasion  6 Sessions $400
  • Facial Package of Microdermabrasion OR Chemical Peels (Any Peel except of Green Peel) 6 Sessions $450

Acne Laser Treatment(mild, moderate)

from $40

  • 20 pkg over 10 weeks $750 or $40 each treatment

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

from $160

Description of small, medium, large and extra large areas:

Small areas are: underarms, lips, chin, bikini, toes, fingers, stomach line, nipples

Medium areas are: upper arms, lower arms, upper legs, lower legs, upper back, lower back, buttocks, Brazilian for female, upper chest, lower chest.

Large areas are: full legs, full arms, full back, full chest, Brazilian for male

Extra large area ONLY FOR MALE-FULL LEGS

Any Laser Hair Removal Package + 1 Session FREE
  • Small area a package of 6 sessions $250
  • Medium area a package of 6 sessions $350
  • Large area a package of 6 sessions $450
  • Whole body treatment a package of 6 sessions $4300, $750 per session
  • Small area a package of 6 sessions $180
  • Medium area a package of 6 sessions $280
  • Large area a package of 6 sessions $380
  • Whole body treatment a package of 6 sessions $3000, $530 per session

Laser Aging/Sun Spots Removal Treatment

from $15

  • Small spot $15
  • Medium spot $20
  • Large spot $25

Vascular Laser Treatment ( spider veins, capillaries removal, ONLY FACE)


from $45

  • One session $45


I have already had two sessions of laser hair treatments and have seen incredible results. I am very pleased with the professionalism and the courtesy towards men in a very women dominated environment. I am and always will be very comfortable coming back to YS Canadian Laser and look forward to my future appointments. I highly recommend this beautiful location too all women and for men as well!


Thank you so so much!!! I love my new brows. The micro blading at your location is amazing!!! My brows look so natural and pretty. Brightens up my face so very very much. I am also seeing results from your sharp light contouring procedure sessions. After 4 sessions I am already seeing fat loss in my thighs and the cellulite is almost all gone. Cannot wait to see what my last 5 sessions looks like. My legs are so much more toned now!! Thanks so much. You location is perfect and your clinic is so pretty, professional and very elegant. What a comfortable and beautiful place!! I will tell everyone about your place. Very impressed with your professional manner too.


Hi, I just wanted to write you a quick testimonial. I have been thrilled with my experience to date with YS Canadian Laser Spa. I have received two laser treatments for underarm hair. It was completely painless, and I cannot believe the difference already, after just two treatments. Even after the first treatment, the results were fantastic – I barely needed to shave at all in the 7 week period waiting for my second treatment! I have also had a skin tag removed at YS Canadian laser. It was also completely painless, and so reasonably priced compared to other places. I have had treatments from both owners, Yuliya and Sharon, and both went out of their way to be friendly and provide incredible service. I would highly recommend YS Canadian Laser Spa, and will definitely be going back for more treatments – next up, a facial, and laser services on my legs!

Very cute office, Yuliya is very professional and talks through everything beforehand and makes you feel very comfortable. i am exited to go back.Emma.L 

I treated my acne. I had amazing results already after 4 weeks, skin stopped producing too much oil, i noticed that i am getting rid of acne and my skin become smooth and clean. Yuliya is very professional , ready any time to answer all question and finds the best solution to help your skin and body. Office is very cozy and very cute. Service is amazing. For sure will be back for laser hair removal. Natalia M

Highly recommend everyone. My first treatment was body contouring, lost two inches in 8 weeks already. Then treated unwanted tattoos, then dark spots on hands, and pigmentation on the face. Treatments are pain free. Machines are with cooling system so i felt very comfy. Service is very good. Thank you . Maria N

I love microdermabrasion and full facial!!! prices are so good and a very nice treatment. I fall asleep, enjoyed decollate and facial massage.  A  beautiful place, nice music and a professional medical aesthetician. Yuliya gave good advices after analyzing my skin. Definitely feel improvements.. next appointment for a Green peel , exited to go back! Nancy G

V Coronel

This is such an adorable place. Yuliya was so nice, attentive and very professional.

I had a microdermabrasion facial and she made me feel so relax.
I would definitely recommend this place.


Thanks so much!!! What a great place!! I am telling everyone what a great team you have there!! I love it!! 🙂



Alyona reviewed YS Canadian Laser with 5 ★★★★★


I have made a few visits to YS Canadian laser spa and loved the service. Great staff and a beautiful spa.

Definitely recommended it.


I have so many great things to say about YS Canadian laser Spa and Yuliya!. I haven’t found this kind of customer service anywhere. Super friendly greeting as I walked in the place. The little touches were amazing: green apples, candy tray, and a very cozy warm décor.

I made my first appointment with Yuliya just to discuss few services and suitable options for my skin type. It was great! She is a wonderful, genuine person and very skilled practitioner with lots of experience, and credentials which made me feel so comfortable. After my consultation, I proceeded with few treatments. Everything turned out amazing!! THANK YOU!!

Since, I have been seeing Yuliya on a regular basis. I would recommend her spa for all of your skin care needs.

Brooke O.

YS Canadian Laser Spa is wonderful. Yuliya is so welcoming and professional with her clients. She makes you feel very comfortable and at ease (especially when you’re so exposed!). I’ve been going to see Yuliya since she opened and even though I’ve moved out of her neighbourhood, I’m continuing to make the trek uptown to see her because she’s so worth it. I’ve had 6 sessions of underarm treatments and 3/6 sessions of lower legs and have noticed a vast decrease in my hair growth. Not having to shave is amazing! Thank you Yuliya!

Kai S.

Yuliya is amazing! I’ve had multiple sessions for laser tattoo and hair removal with wonderful results. Highly recommend this clinic for the variety of services offered and medical professionalism.

Stephanie S.

I went for the first time to do laser hair removal on my upper lip, and Yulia is the most pleasent person to deal with. She gave me honest feed back and she really educates you before you buy. She is so sweet and genuine. Going to use her for the next treatments!

Jessie G.

This place is one of Toronto’s best-kept, immaculately clean medi-spa secrets. I happened to find an IPL Groupon featuring YS Canadian Laser services. The reviews were all five stars, so I decided to go for it.

I’ve now seen Yuliya for microdermabrasion and IPL and I will never go anywhere else. My skin a brighter and clearer than it’s ever been. She is a pro in every sense — so intelligent, experienced and passionate about what she does.

Not to mention, Yuliya is honest and totally not in it for the up-sell. When I express an interest in a service she doesn’t think will bring me great results, she’s forthcoming about it.

I’m so thrilled that I found this place. I’m a client for life!

Em S.

I have never had any kind if laser treatments done and was pretty anxious about it. Thankfully, Yuliya is absolutely amazing- she has 10+ years of experience and is honest about what to expect.

She made sure to describe the procedure and to outline the aftercare BEFORE I committed to the procedure.

During the procedure she was constantly checking if I was comfortable and explaining what she was doing. She is very friendly and professional.

Unlike other estheticians, she also doesn’t forcibly sell you products but instead recommends things you can easily get over the counter.

Best part- her prices are absolutely outrageous. I have yet to find anything better. I would absolutely recommend her services and I cannot wait to go back.

I have only done one session but am happy so far- will likely update this review once they are done!

Misha I.

I have been going to Yulia for a laser hair removal for my bikini area and have completed 4/6 sessions so far. I have seen results with each visit, which I didn’t have when I went elsewhere for my underarm hair. I wish I went to her first! She is very friendly and professional and makes you feel at ease with each treatment. The location is very convenient to get to, and the prices are very competitive. I would definitely recommend going there to all of my friends!

Cindy H.

Yuilya is so kind and professional.  She genuinely wants to help people.  She is very knowledgable.  She takes her time to explain all the procedures. She is not pushy in trying to sell her services or product.  I would highly recommend her.

Brooke O.

YS Canadian Laser Spa is wonderful. Yuliya is so welcoming and professional with her clients. She makes you feel very comfortable and at ease (especially when you’re so exposed!). I’ve been going to see Yuliya since she opened and even though I’ve moved out of her neighbourhood, I’m continuing to make the trek uptown to see her because she’s so worth it. I’ve had 6 sessions of underarm treatments and 3/6 sessions of lower legs and have noticed a vast decrease in my hair growth. Not having to shave is amazing! Thank you Yuliya!

Clare M

I gave YS Canadian Laser Spa as a gift to my girlfriend for Christmas. YS is fantastic, they get the job done without ever making you feel rushed, they suggest treatments or approaches without shaming or making you feel ugly. Clean, sterile yet comfortable environment, 50 feet away from the subway, who can ask for more?

Danielle K.

Yuliya is absolutely lovely and generous. She strives to give her clients a positive experience. My laser hair removal treatment was painless and effective. Please don’t hesitate to give Yuliya’s service a try. Her work ethic and level of care is inspiring.

Gene P

Excellent, dedicated service, would recommend.

Emma L.

Very cute office, Yuliya is very professional and talks you through everything beforehand and makes you feel very comfortable. I am excited to go back.

Tammy M.

Had tattoo Removal done and honestly I couldn’t believe how much it removed in just one session! It was the best tattoo removal session I’ve ever had and I’ve had 3 others removed! Highly recommend this place for quick results with a professional and experienced therapist!

Christine H

Very clean and relaxing spa. Yuliya is a lovely person and really knows her stuff. She made me feel relaxed and explained the procedure to me, didn’t feel badgered or rushed at all. I will be back.

Stella S

Extremely happy. Staff very friendly and helpful, polite. Salon was very clean and neat, the nurse was very nice and explained everything in detail. I definitely recommend YS Canadian laser,this place exceeded my expectations!!!! I will purchase more coupons.

Patricia L

I loved it. Yuliya was very nice and professional and explained the whole procedure. Honest and upfront. I like that. I would absolutely recommend YS Canadian Laser Spa as the place to go.

Kerry T

Yulia is so kind and caring. You can really tell she cares about her clients wellbeing. I’ve had laser tattoo removal treatments before but she still took great care in explaining to me aftercare for optimal results. I could tell she genuinely cares about her work and also my satisfaction. Would recommend 10/10.

Marie C

Exceptional customer service, very friendly and informative! Will definitely continue doing business with this company!

Arianna Lu

I found this place after doing quite a bit of research on different laser clinics available in Toronto, and I couldn’t be happier having chosen this spa. The facilities is small but conveniently located and clean. Yuliya is entirely welcoming and made the process very comfortable. I would recommend this location.

Brad Leaf

Absolutely positive experience. Skin tags and spots removal are done very well. Yuliya and Theodora are skilled, professional and knowledgeable. Customer service is more than good. Staff is very friendly. The place is very clean and modern. Location is one minute of Lawrence subway, there is a parking lot next to the door. Prices are best in the city I guess. Recommended 100%

anastasia taylor

Very happy with laser hair removal treatment results. No pain, very effective. Yuliya and Julie were very helpful and friendly. I would recommend to everyone. Thank you YS Canadian Laser


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